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Old Abbey Trappist Brewed Habanero Hot Sauce



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Next, we create a mash (sorry, can't say a whole lot about it!), and then age age it for a minimum of three to five years, constantly monitoring and adjusting along the way (can't say a whole lot about that either!). Like an expert brew master, only mash masters know when the mash is ready. That's when the mash is brewed with spices and orange citrus to produce Old Abbey Trappist's famous flavor.

Last  but not least, the sauce is poured into bottles, which are then labeled, capped, and sealed. Nothing too special about that, except we do it very small batches to control quality, and when finished, we deliver to you for spicy goodness. 

Like we say on our bottles, just don't drink it like an Belgium ale!


 c  o  m  p  a  n  y

Considered by many to be our flagship hot sauce!

Brewed in the tradition of great Belgium beer by the historic Trappist monks of the Order of Cistercians, this slow aged hot sauce has subtle flavors of a Tripel ale with sweet citrus, coriander, and spices, but with some serious yet tolerable heat!

Our aging and brewing process begins when we pick the habaneros with the stems left on and barely ripe. We then continue rotating and ripening them in the sun for a few days - this is a tip Big Red picked up during his visits to Mexico. The rotation ensures even ripening and flavor, which is difficult to achieve when the peppers are left on the plants, picked, and then used immediately.